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Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon)

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon) : by Scott Pratt, Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon), Scott Pratt, Judgment Cometh And That Right Soon A Supreme Court Justice is found cut into pieces in the back of a pick up truck Three other judges have already gone missing In the eighth installment of Scott Pratt s bestselling Joe Dillard Series Dillard is hired to represent the man driving the pick up As Dillard delves into the case he comes to believe his client is not guilty But who is Who has been ki Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon) By Scott Pratt [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon) : by Scott Pratt - Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon), Judgment Cometh And That Right Soon A Supreme Court Justice is found cut into pieces in the back of a pick up truck Three other judges have already gone missing In the eighth installment of Scott Pratt s bestselling Joe Dillard Series
  • Title: Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon)
  • Author: Scott Pratt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon) By Scott Pratt [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon) : by Scott Pratt - Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon), Judgment Cometh And That Right Soon A Supreme Court Justice is found cut into pieces in the back of a pick up truck Three other judges have already gone missing In the eighth installment of Scott Pratt s bestselling Joe Dillard Series
  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon) : by Scott Pratt
    285 Scott Pratt
Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon)

One thought on “Judgment Cometh (And That Right Soon)

  1. GymGuy on said:

    Have to say that I ve enjoyed all of Pratt s novels including this one I ve enjoyed the basic storyline as well as the family situations I would have given this 5 stars except for it seemed a little over the top at times, other than that just a great, exciting story Not much lawyering in this one More action and suspense and trying to figure out whodunit.

  2. Brenda Yater on said:

    Another great story from Scott PrattI would recommend this work of art to all who believe in justice for all Believable characters who become your family.

  3. Tracie Payne on said:

    I really enjoyed this book a lot Is the story very mysterious Somewhat Did I know who is behind it Pretty much But I didn t care, I enjoyed the story telling and I think Joe Dillard is a very interesting guy with questionable ethics Now I m going to start from the beginning of this series and listen to books 1 7.

  4. Holly Haze on said:

    I wish people knew about Pratt Joe Dillard is one of my favorite characters Pratt writes with such ease It has never taken me than a day to finish one of his books Dillard goes against a mean ass judge hunting down a mean ass serial killer We learn the connection midway through this one I love Dillard s family The side story of his wife s ongoing battle with cancer, his son, his German Shepherd you had me a woof d I of course like his cohort, Leon This is seemingly the last of the Dillard seri [...]

  5. Gloria Bernal on said:

    Loved this latest installment of the Joe Dillard Series Author Pratt can t write them fast enough for me Joe never disappoints He is such a good person, always risking his own peace of mind and body to help someone in need This had a bad ass bad guy, who committed horrendous crimes, and one of them is in the opening scene In sexual abuse scenes, author Pratt isn t descriptive to the point that it turns your stomach to read it, but you get what s going on It s a minor part of the story line, but [...]

  6. Motherbeaver on said:

    Eh This one went off the rails for me Very little courtroom drama Joe Dillard suddenly morphed into Harry Bosch which didn t make sense to me The ending felt forced and unrealistic I hope Scott Pratt returns to the courtroom.

  7. Kirby Sneed on said:

    Scott has done it once again Another great legal thriller Joe Dillard is always in the middle of a hairy situation and uses legal savvy, brute force,cunning and his good buddy to help him save the day I have been waiting to read this book and have not been disappointed

  8. Chris Auer on said:

    Definitely didnt want to see this series end This book I couldnt put down and read within 24 hours of starting it Joe Dillard is an awesome character and this series turned boring court stuff into interesting side stories throughout.

  9. Brittany Lindsay Tefft on said:

    Pratt doesn t disappoint, yet again Joe Dillard is back, and it s the same thrill rides as before from page 1.

  10. SandraKeith on said:

    Great read Have really enjoyed the Joe Dillard series Always a great plot and great character development Book 8 was one of my favorites Waiting on book 9.

  11. Nenette on said:

    This review is for all the books in the series High star ratings all the way from the first to the eighth installment For a couple of weeks, it was like I was in a legal fiction festival, and I still couldn t get enough Joe Dillard brave, a loving brother, husband and father, a top notch criminal defense lawyerns the cancer, any woman would want to be his wife, Caroline.Each installment dealt and focused on a case, with sub plots as good as the main one Of course, Joe would still be standing in [...]

  12. Nancy Silk on said:

    A Great Legal Mystery Thriller This awesome suspense drama grabbed me right from the beginning In the back of a pick up truck a body is found cut to pieces, contained in plastic bags It s a Supreme Count Justice and he s not the only one judges in the state of Tennessee have been murdered The owner of the pick up truck has hired Joe Dillard as his defense attorney He and Sheriff Leon Bates work the case which leads to the very evil killer This is an absolute thriller and the excitement will not [...]

  13. Debbie Smith on said:

    I really have enjoyed Scott Pratt s books, but I m finding that they are getting away from legal courtroom drama and outsmarting the opponent, to of a detective book and at times Lawyer Joe Dillard and his friend Sheriff Leon Bates decide the end justifies the means I m not so much of a fan for that type of book.I have to admit, the books have been entertaining and fast reads But I m looking for legal books that are above the lawt on the edge of the law because someone might be evil enough to d [...]

  14. J. Kay Harp on said:

    More bad guys gals bit the dustI started reading Scott Pratt s , Joe Dillard series a week ago I m on book number 9 now Fiction is great unless you ve been in law enforcement for a number of years as my late husband was I know very little about the author but I do love these books We all have our issues with lady justice she can be very cruel and very very blind , Keep up the good work Scott and please , please save Caroline Until you ve lost the love of your life you don t know what hurt and lo [...]

  15. Colleen Jones on said:

    A family worth knowing I have now read the entire Joe Dillard series all eight All good legal procedurals with plots just complex enough to require some critical thinking by the reader and characters you really grow to care about And enough action and violence but not gratuitous Just when I m starting to dread blood and shooting, it concludes Whoo, that was almost too close I look forward to the first Jack and Charlie Dillard adventure And Caroline s recovery and the fine vacay that Joe takes h [...]

  16. Sharon Bayliss on said:

    Great Legal Thriller Hard to put this book down A psychopath is killing judges and Joe Dillard is hired to defend the killer But of course, he isn t REALLY the killer So, Joe Dillard and his Sheriff buddy, Leon Bates, have to figure out who the REAL killer is This story has many twists and turns and surprises Sometimes it is a little unrealistic, but most good legal thrillers are, too That s what makes them so exciting This one will keep you turning pages late into the night.

  17. Cynthia Gootan on said:

    I really enjoyed this series I read one of the books, out of order I enjoyed it so much that I read the entire series I like Scott s characters, and I find the books to be well written Joe Dillard is a smart lawyer who is very family oriented not a perfect family so they are easy to relate to I am hoping the series will continue I would recommend these books to anyone who enjoys reading law and order type books.

  18. Linda Diane Beatty on said:

    As always kept me on my toes It was nice to hear about Caroline making it one time Love like that surrounds my oldest daughter and her much devoted husbandanks again Scott see ya later Liddy You did it again 4 hours of complete freedom from today s confusion Scott is one spellbinding author and keeps you waiting for his next one The characters are like family now Why not give yourself a mind blowing experience

  19. Gwendolyn A Dupre on said:

    Joe Dillard is the man I really liked the fierce combination of lawyer, Joe Dillard, and sheriff, Leon Bates, throughout the entire 8 book series The accomplished justice in unorthodox ways and the reads were exciting I would love for abound Joe Dillard book in the future.

  20. Saundra Adrian on said:

    I highly recommend this series.Scott Platt is an excelllent writer His story plots are too believable and very suspenseful His characters are well described and interesting I enjoyed learning about the area where stories are set I have come to like the characters and wish I knew some of them Again, I highly recommend the Joe Dillard series.

  21. Kathy L. Weaver on said:

    Great series Sorry to see it end.This was the last book of an 8 book series If you like legal, murder mysteries, I think you d enjoy these Each one is a little different situation, with the main character, Joe Dillard s personal family life underlying all The prevailing theme is good vs evil , even if that means bending the law sometimes.

  22. Jool on said:

    This was the last book in the Joe Dillard series I just cannot say enough good things about this author, Scott Pratt, who has provided me with hours of wonderful reading The Joe Dillard series is especially good, and I highly recommend the entire series for those of you who love the legal suspense thriller genre 5 stars and 2 thumbs up for every book in the series

  23. Raymond Bial on said:

    Scott Pratt is a fresh new voice in mystery fiction Every book in the Joe Dillard is excellent exciting, knowledgeable, and realistic Pratt clearly writes from experience and because he loves his craft, unlike a lot of better known authors who every year crank out another book with a formula plot just to make a lot of money.

  24. Amy Barnes on said:

    Best one I ve read the Joe Dillard series and although this is meant to be the last, I genuinely hope there s of Joe in the future With the exception of only one book in this series, I truly enjoyed them and especially this one Fast paced and edge of your seat reading Joe Dillard has surpassed Alex Cross by a long shot

  25. Joyce Perdue on said:

    Whew what a series This is the 7th book Didn t like it as much as I did the first 6 due to the main theme Scott Pratt is truly gifted He writes with such emotion and the way he tells a story is spell binding Would recommend this series to anyone and am looking forward to reading by him.

  26. Kristina Hutson on said:

    Outstanding SeriesI am hooked on this series Mr Pratt is an author comparable to many of the great ones who write about courtroom and lawyer dramas Its always such a treat to find a new author Please keep writing, Scott Pratt And for those of you who enjoy this genre, start at 1, and read them in order You will get to know and love his characters

  27. Linda Hedden on said:

    8 deliveredJust finished book 8 The story of Caroline is heart wrenching but I have become invested in her story of fighting cancer and the impact on every family member Powerful backstory, being drawn from real experience Thanks Scott, for sharing that intimacy and fight Deserves a toast for a good story and noble fight to survive a vicious disease.

  28. Kevin P. Gluntz on said:

    Good charactersScots books contain persons of character That any person would love to emulate Stories have a real feel to them and stay far away from political posturing I will continue to read everything he writes As a lawyer, I truly appreciate his treatment of the legal issues and the profession.

  29. Katie on said:

    Amazing 5 star legal thriller series I binge listened to all of them and loved every second I was fully engaged and emotionally invested in the outcome of each one For the next few crime mystery thriller books I read I kept thinking to myselfis character really needs to hire Joe Dillard He really does make the world a better place.

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