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Time for a Highlander

[PDF] Time for a Highlander | by ✓ Maxine Mansfield, Time for a Highlander, Maxine Mansfield, Time for a Highlander Forty five year old history teacher Bethany Anne Anderson wasn t supposed to die on her dream vacation to Scotland Someone else was supposed to rescue the child from the falling druid stone But she s perfectly fine with moving on to the hereafter She has loved ones waiting for her Then Tobias Morie better known as Fate steps in Her intervention has changed the futurForty fi Time for a Highlander By Maxine Mansfield [PDF] Time for a Highlander | by ✓ Maxine Mansfield - Time for a Highlander, Time for a Highlander Forty five year old history teacher Bethany Anne Anderson wasn t supposed to die on her dream vacation to Scotland Someone else was supposed to rescue the child from the falling druid stone But she s
  • Title: Time for a Highlander
  • Author: Maxine Mansfield
  • ISBN: 9781509207060
  • Page: 173
  • Format: None

Time for a Highlander By Maxine Mansfield [PDF] Time for a Highlander | by ✓ Maxine Mansfield - Time for a Highlander, Time for a Highlander Forty five year old history teacher Bethany Anne Anderson wasn t supposed to die on her dream vacation to Scotland Someone else was supposed to rescue the child from the falling druid stone But she s
  • [PDF] Time for a Highlander | by ✓ Maxine Mansfield
    173 Maxine Mansfield
Time for a Highlander

One thought on “Time for a Highlander

  1. Christa on said:

    I don t read too many time travel books because it s not a plot I enjoy So it surprised me how much I loved this book Beth is a 45 year old on vacation in Scotland when she dies saving the life of a child Even though she is prepared to go on to see her two boys who had previously died, Fate has other plans It wasn t her turn to die, and Fate decides to send her back in time to fix another mistake he made Beth wakes up in a much younger body and in a much older time This book explores the idea of [...]

  2. Isabelle Morebooksthanlivros on said:

    Unique different hot The plot concept was amazing It was very well constructed and even though everything is so far from reality, the author made it all very believable and realistic.The creativity of this book is beyond words Ms Mansfield was able to offer a twist on time travel reads, a twist on protagonist and antagonist, a play on what is evil and good Really FANTASTIC I was never sure what would come next Really, everything about this book was unexpected It keep me guessing until the end in [...]

  3. Ellen Ziegler on said:

    When I first started this book, I was worried the author was giving me a tale that was a scenario I had read before, but am I glad I got past the first 2 pages This book is wonderfulYes the girl goes back in time but in a manner that is hysterical I loved the humor, the action and the steamy sex Most of all, I loved the hero and the relationship between hero and heroine Its a story about a heroine who has been hurt by past dysfunctional personal relationships and has suffered past spousal abuse [...]

  4. Jenn on said:

    I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review from LoP group.This was a sweet time travel love story I liked how the author made Beth a 45 year old divorcee who wasn t an unnatural beauty like most of the heroines are I enjoyed how Fate came in and changed history by sending her spirit to go into Elspeths body back in 1643 I especially liked how she became lady of the castle and took over lol I did not like Burt, he needed to get a beat down Her memories of how her children die [...]

  5. Yolanda on said:

    I have tears rolling down my face what a lovely beautifully written story It takes you back in time and really captivates you on each page turn your hooked within the first chapter the time travelling is written in a way that blends right into history, I could not put this book down.I went on a magical journey and loved it five stars he really doesn t deserve anything less

  6. Claudia on said:

    A very pleasant surprise with this book.Coming after few not so satisfying books I worried that I might get an incomplete story Well, I am happy to say I was wrong The book was great and the love story very sweet.Beth has lived an abusive life and since the death of her two sons an empty life During her trip in Scotland she dies saving a child and meets Mr Fate Due to some cosmic mishap caused by her unscheduled death, Beth is sent back to time to right another wrong and restore the cosmic balan [...]

  7. Valerie on said:

    Good bookI enjoyed this time travel book very much It had the right amount sexiness and angst It had a good plot and a HEA with a twist.

  8. Aleen ~Lampshade Reader on said:

    Originally posted on lampshadereaderI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review And those times, when ye pain gets ta be ta hard ta bear, then ye can lean on me, my Beth, and I ll share it with ye Just promise me ye ll stay SWOON Quinton is the perfect alpha hero Tough as nails on the surface but a romantic at heart Time For a Highlander by Maxine Mansfield took me on a journey through time along with Beth [...]

  9. Dawn West on said:

    Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review I can never get enough of historical Scotland I love reading historical romances This book was mostly a historical romance with a dash of sci fi time travel The time traveling is of divine intervention, rather than a magical source, so if religious themes bother you, this may not be the story for you.Beth hasn t lived life to the fullest ever since the death of her two sons A middle aged divorcee with a history [...]

  10. Ally Swanson on said:

    I don t often read this genre, but this book sounded very interesting and intriguing and it certainly didn t disappoint However, I must warn you there are several hot and steamy sex scenes so if you re not okay with that this book might not be for you.This book has a strong plot line with plot twists and fascinating characters I felt like I was swept away and transported to 1643 I was very pleased with how the time travel concept was so well constructed Sometimes time travel books seem so fake a [...]

  11. Samantha on said:

    Fate sends woman back to live a second time in 17th century ScotlandWhen 45 year old Bethany Ann Anderson interferes with Fate s plans and accidentally dies saving a young boy when someone else was actually meant to die instead, Fate uses the opportunity to correct and old mistake Since 20 year old Lady Elspeth was never meant to die before her wedding, depriving her betrothed, Laird Quinton MacLeod of an heir, Fate decides that Bethany will need to trade places with Elspeth and give Quinton an [...]

  12. kate on said:

    A Soft 3 StarsSpoilersBeth was a doormat I understand it is hard for some women to get away from an abusive relationship but she was an educated woman She was a schoolteacher and the breadwinner She never once thought she should seek counseling to figure out why she puts up with her husband over the top abusive behavior Finding a women s support group or the effect this has on her children Even when she goes back in time she dreams and thinks about him constantly It seemed all her decisions were [...]

  13. Kayla Tornello on said:

    I really enjoyed the story in this book I liked the characters and the time traveling back to Scotland I especially liked the ending However, I got really distracted by the overuse of words such as clit and cunt I much prefer steamy sex scenes with a little class, such as those of Julie Garwood s stories Also, the Scots accents could have been executed a little better As they were, they just annoyed me and distracted me from the story With the time traveling and Scottish elements, it s hard not [...]

  14. Julie on said:

    I am in love with this heroine just as much, if not than, the hero of this romance Afterall, she s me She s 40 something, but not your typical middle aged woman I don t mean in the looks department because in her physical appearance she s all too typical with hair beginning to gray and a few sizes larger than she would wish to be It s her tragic life experiences that set her apart from most However, fate bestows on her a second chance at life, and the hardest thing this woman will ever do is le [...]

  15. Sommertime on said:

    2.5 stars This book was OK I got sucked in by the time travel romance hook but the book never really delivered The characters are interesting people who I wanted to root for But the plot was a little formulaic The h spent a lot of time in her head and some of her conclusions were ridiculous and I got tired of her nonsense about her previous life It went on a little too long She was 45 years old for heaven s sake Grow up and get over yourself.I did enjoy the epilogue It was a nice touch.

  16. EdwardMcBride on said:

    OMG Maxine is an amazing writer She tells her story the story with such passion and strength The she paints a picture of love and lust with every stroke of the pen As a man I m not an avid reader of erotic fantasy but Maxine has hooked me with one novel She is an amazing writer and and amazing woman Her love scenes are steamy, erotic, and amazing In my next life I want to be Lard Quinton MacLeod.

  17. Kim on said:

    New spin on time travelThis was an interesting story with a new spin on time travel The romance was wonderful the characters were likable The villains were bad but the good wins in the end You can t predict the outcome due to twists turns in the story The epilogue was terrific and I just wanted it to go on longer Well worth reading.

  18. Patricia Carcasses on said:

    So differential in the best way I really liked that the storylines is different from all of the others I have read before, and such a surprise ending I m sure you will enjoy it as much as I.

  19. Betty May on said:

    Great ReadGreat Read for anyone who is looking forward to reading a great story Please enjoy and good luck Great job

  20. DeNise Woodbury on said:

    Absolutely a winner Wasn t sure what to expect, but charming works As always great characters, amusing a and fun Nice twist in the end, too.

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